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Ireland and Germany: Partners in European Recovery / Irland und Deutschland: Partner im Europäisc...

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Ireland and Germany: Partners in European Recovery / Irland und Deutschland: Partner im Europäisc...

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Ireland’s remarkable recovery is of crucial importance not only to the Irish people whose sacrifices made it possible but also to the people of Germany and Europe. In particular, Ireland and Germany’s destinies have become highly related, to a point of strong mutual advantage: German and EU help for Ireland will return to benefit Germany and Europe, a fact already proven by how Ireland has used strong German assistance to stabilise its own economy, thereby helping to stabilise the Euro. By taking an early lead in fiscal consolidation and in reform of its financial regulatory environment and risk management systems, Ireland showed that a turnaround was possible. In this book, Ireland’s contribution to the stabilisation of the Euro – of which the Irish Presidency in the first half of 2013 was a symbolic testament – is seen from the differing perspectives of those in both Germany and Ireland and from different fields of business, policy and politics. As well as a rich understanding of crisis and recovery, this mix of perspectives produces exciting ideas and messages for the common future that both countries will share beyond the crisis. The book underlines the importance of maintaining and deepening Ireland’s competitive business model and of European support in the maintenance of key competitive advantages in overcoming the remaining challenges that still face Ireland’s economy: the state of its banking system and the drive to restore full employment through innovation and internationalisation in its business sectors. Further, it shows how co-operation between the EU’s largest and one of its smallest nations has helped carry Europe’s economy through a severe crisis, enabling the European economy to survive a challenge that, divided, might well have destroyed it. Irland hat eine erstaunliche Erholung erlebt. Diese ist von großer Bedeutung nicht nur für die Iren, deren Opferbereitschaft diesen Aufschwung möglich gemacht hat, sondern auch für die Menschen in Deutsc...

Studio(s): Oak Tree Press

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