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Inside RTÉ: A Memoir

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Inside RTÉ: A Memoir
Year: 2014-03-31
Size: 1.1 MB
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For 33 years Betty Purcell worked behind the scenes as an award-winning producer in RTÉ Radio and Television, with presenters such as Marian Finucane, John Bowman, Pat Kenny and John Kelly. She found battles with the government, RTÉ management and the infamous Workers Party, taking a landmark case against Section 31 to Europe in 1991. She represented staff on the RTÉ Authority and on the Union executive.In this book she tells the real story of life in the challenging, fraught and creative world of Irish broadcasting.

About the Author:

From modest beginnings, including two-and-a-half years in an orphanage, Betty Purcell went on to a 33-year career in RTÉ. She has worked across radio and television as both a reporter and producer. She retired from RTÉ in 2012 and lives in Dublin.

Year: 2014-03-31
Studio(s): New Island Publishing

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