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I Want to Live

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I Want to Live

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Ireland is faced with the exit of oil and natural gas and the ravages of global warming. Earth scientist James Laffoy has spent years trying to persuade the powers that be to build a small number of nuclear fusion plants to provide our own source of electricity. His advice is treated with scorn; no way will we have nuclear power in this country. 90% of our electricity comes from Britain, much of it generated by their nuclear plants.

He gives up, retreats to an uninhabited island purchased many years ago by his late father and begins to make preparations. A small number of like minded people with diverse skills join in his great quest. They will have to become completely self reliant; grow their own crops, tend their livestock, find clean drinking water, cope with hitherto unknown diseases, extremes of weather, lack of electricity and try to retain some of the life supports so long taken for granted.

It’s a desperate struggle for survival: can they succeed?

Studio(s): Original Writing

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