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How To Save 5000

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How To Save 5000
Year: 2012-11-29
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HOW TO $AV€ 5000: REDUCE YOUR OUTGOINGS WITHOUT REDUCING YOUR LIFESTYLE, as the name suggests, is a book that will teach you how to keep more of the money you earn, without making any cutbacks, just changing some spending habits.

It IS possible to maintain your current lifestyle, within reason, and spend less money at the same time. This book will teach you ways to spend smarter. By following the techniques, you will change your spending habits and save thousands each year. Better still, each year’s savings carries forward into the next year, so you could save not just €5,000 but tens of thousands of euro over time!

For each major category of household expenditure, the book suggests simple, practical money-saving tips, based on key principles, including:

• Shop around / do price comparisons

• Think long-term / total cost of use / ownership

• Think of cumulative, not one-off, savings

• Pay only for what you need – needs analysis

• Track your spending / monitor trends and changes

• Buy in bulk

• Avoid brands

• Time your purchases for special / seasonal offers

• Plan your shopping / avoid impulse buying

• Learn to DIY – food / cooking gardening, housekeeping, building repairs etc

• Use vouchers / coupons / reward points etc

And the system really works! The author, James O’Donovan is now on his fourth year of savings. He shares his experience – and the results of his savings – with you in this timely book.

Year: 2012-11-29
Studio(s): Oak Tree Press

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