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Haughey's 40 Years of Controversy

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Haughey's 40 Years of Controversy

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An up to date reassessment of the man whose name has always been synonymous with controversy. Over the last number of decades, Charles J. Haughey has been involved in major political scandals of Watergate proportions: the Arms Crisis, the telephone tapping scandal, the Beef Tribunal, the Ben Dunne payments, tax evasion, the Terry Keane revelations, the Moriarty Tribunal and the McCracken Tribunal, to name a few.

In this up-to-date record of Haughey's controversial career, T. Ryle Dwyer delivers his conclusions on the Haughey Years.

Lively, succinct, opinionated, drawing extensively on in depth research, Forty Years of Controversy is the indispensable handbook for anyone intrigued by Ireland's most inscrutable politicians.

Studio(s): Mercier Press

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