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Get The Life You Deserve

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Get The Life You Deserve
Year: 2012-10-18
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What will you do with yours?

Do you want to lose weight, find love or get the job you have always wanted? Are you living the life that you want or are you stuck in a rut? Do you want a better quality of life and an income you are satisfied with? Are you following your dreams and reaching your potential? Do you want to join the ranks of the super-successful and get what you want out of life?

Then you need learn the secrets of 29,000 days and get the life you deserve?

For over 4 years former Sunday Independent journalist Jason O’Callaghan worked voluntarily within the psychological services in Ireland, obtaining an honours degree in psychology and completing a Masters degree in Applied Psychology in Trinity College along the way. He brings you the secrets how to live the life that you have always wanted.

Using psychology and hypnotherapy research and practice, Jason O’Callaghan reveals the secret of positive living. How humour can help cancer patients, how taking 100% responsibility for your own life can release you from the shackles of your old life and give you the motivation and inspiration you need. How the psychology of your own mind makes you who you are and dictates the choices you have made in the past.

You will read about how no one in business cares if you are slim or healthy because there is no money to be gained from it. You will learn that size does not matter and has nothing to do with success. You will read about how no matter what you wish to do in your life, someone else has done it before you and left you a map, how goal setting is the only way to achieve your dreams, how the only good thing about having money is giving it away, how stress can kill you faster than junk food and how what order you were born in your family may affect your success in life.

You will learn how education can change the core of your personality, how to get rid of toxic people from your ...

Year: 2012-10-18
Studio(s): Original Writing

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