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From Bray To Eternity

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From Bray To Eternity

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When I set out on a train to Bray on a warm August Sunday in 1965 I had no idea of the journey I was embarking on. Waiting to accompany me at the foot of Bray Head and be my soul mate on that journey was a beautiful young girl, Annette Kennedy. I'm convinced now with all that has happened that our meeting that sunny Sunday was no random chance meeting, it was meant to be, it was fate, we were I believe destined to meet and share life together. I have endeavoured in this book to give the reader an honest insight into that life. Annette has been a huge help to me in writing this memoir, on numerous occasions when I was having difficulty in remembering things I could hear her prompts, she was always by my side whispering in my ear, and I have no doubt that as time goes by until we meet again she always will be. As I've often said to Annette since her passing, it will take more than death to keep us apart, and it is death that will bring us together again, we'll always be together, "From Bray To Eternity"

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