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Fr John Fahy

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Fr John Fahy

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Fr John Fahy was ordained a priest of the diocese of Clonfert in St Brendan's, Loughrea, in 1919. He very quickly earned himself the reputation of being a 'rebel priest'. His close affiliation with Sinn Fein throughout the war of independence stayed with him all his life and led to many a confrontation with the authorities of both church and state. He also took a vigourous and uncompromising interest in the various agrarian disputes of his time.

He was a man of very strong opinions, opinions which he was not at all slow to voice, as forcefully and publicly as occasion permitted. The string of letters between himself and state authorities, and also with his bishop, add a depth of colour and credibility to this lively and convincing review of his life, his mission and his times.

Fr Fahy was included in Denis Carroll's famous book, Unusual Suspects, which gave accounts of many of the most radical priests in the history of the Irish church. This volume is the first full length biography of Fahy and is a labour of love for its author, Jim Madden, who knew and still knows and associates with many of the men and women who are named in the work, both as friends and critics of this fascinating character.

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