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Fr Brian D'Arcy's A Little Bit of Healing

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Fr Brian D'Arcy's A Little Bit of Healing

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In these dark times for the Catholic Church in Ireland, the voice of Fr Brian D’Arcy is one of he few in the church which is readily listened to and heeded. This comes form his unfailing honesty, openness and passionate love for the church and all its vulnerabilities and weaknesses. In this book, he focuses on healing in both the church and the world.Healing is a slow organic process. It is a journey each of us must bravely launch out on: otherwise we choose to imprison ourselves in the dark vaults of despair. Hopefully, we can be brave enough to bring healing to our wounded church and, with God’s grace, healing to our wounded world. In short, healing requires a number of steps:Step one is a time for reflection, openness and perspective. We should acknowledge the positives.Step two on the healing journey is facing the causes of the hurt as honestly and as objectively as possible.Step three requires us to sift through what can be changed and accept what cannot.Step four is realistically looking to the future with courage and hope. Healing demands that we give up hope of a perfect past so that we can have a better future.As with all of his books, Fr. Brian's royalties for A Little Bit of Healing will go to charity.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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