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Forty Shades of Scarlet

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Forty Shades of Scarlet

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I am everywoman.
By that, I mean every Irish menopausal woman with a heartbeat. We are a breed apart from other nations. In our formative years, sex was taboo. To think that our parents would be having sex?.... Sex when we were children?..Sex when we were teenagers?... perish the thought...Sex when we were adults??? Now, I am my mother. Why shouldn’t I have sex? Our teenage daughters are having, hopefully, safe sex right under our roof. Hard at it we presume I, for one do not begrudge them...I envy their open attitudes...their sensible approach. However, I am also a sexual being. It’s not something I grew out of. In fact, it’s something I’ve grown into. I know my body better now than ever. I do not compare myself to others. I accept myself. For the women out there in mutually satisfying sexual relationships, this book is not for you. It’s for those like me who have yet to experience such a delight, even as I head into middle age, disgracefully. It’s for those like me, who stayed locked into sexually unfulfilling marriages for love of what those unions produced.
Lastly, it’s for those who also enjoy a bit of fun and games.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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