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 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Year: 2013-10-17
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‘So you’re saying,’ Danny said slowly, ‘that because I dug up my garden, the faeries have come and kidnapped my girlfriend and son and taken them away.’

Bea met his gaze unflinchingly. ‘That’s what I’m sayin’.’

‘The faeries,’ he said again.

‘I call them the Low Folk,’ Bea replied. ‘You say faeries to anyone and they start thinking of wee girls messin’ about with photographs and Tinkerbell. Trust me, son, they’re not like that. No, they’re not like that one bloody bit.’

Things haven’t gone to plan for Danny Morrigan. At twenty-three, he’s given up university and taken a dead-end job in a call centre to support his girlfriend and their new baby. It’s not the life that he had envisaged.

But you should be careful what you wish for. The grass isn’t always greener on the Other Side …

Book One of the brilliant Folk’d trilogy

Year: 2013-10-17
Studio(s): Blackstaff Press Ltd

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