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Finding Fire with Tony de Mello

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Finding Fire with Tony de Mello

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This book is an attempt to give those who search and those who suffer some food for thought. The influence of Anthony de Mello on the lives of those who study him and his teachings is profound. In this book, John Callanan attempts to bring de Mello’s vitality and energy to a new audience, explaining who Tony de Mello was and why his work was so ground-breaking among Christians. Different types of meditation, fantasy prayer and styles of reflection are described to help the reader to unlock their potential, get their lives into focus and deal with pain and failure. Like the work of de Mello himself, John Callanan’s book gives those who search, those who think and those who suffer some food for thought. John Callanan works in Greendale Community School, Kilbarrack, in Dublin. He has qualifications in community development, youth work, theology and philosophy, and ran a youth development project with Peter McVerry and Michael Sweetman in inner-city Dublin. He is the author of The Spirit of Tony de Mello and Dreaming with de Mello, and has contributed numerous articles to publications on issues of spirituality and youth in the Church.

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