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Feeding Strawberries To Pigs

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Feeding Strawberries To Pigs

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‘Feeding strawberries to pigs’

‘The people you see when you haven’t got a gun’

‘For every old sock, there’s an old shoe’

‘Be civil, but strange.’

‘Nature shines through the eyes of a cat.’

‘As delicate as bully, when he ate the dishcloth.’

I grew up with these sayings: my parents were Irish immigrants to England so I am the product of my Anglo- Irish upbringing. I live in a world that is in-between two cultures. I used to feel that I belonged nowhere. Now I realise that I have been enriched by these diverse influences and my obsession with these issues has informed my writing.

When I am in Ireland I feel there is a bond with the people and their outlook, but unfortunately for me, when I speak people think I must be English. Many Irish people cannot accept that I am Irish. I also recognise that a part of me is English, and this makes for an interesting creative mix.

These stories seek to show, what it has been like to grow up Irish in England. I have also attempted to explore what being Irish means.

I have also let my imagination wander rather a lot. I hope you enjoy them!

Studio(s): Original Writing

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