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Famine And Fortune

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Famine And Fortune

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The story begins with my Great Grandfather Philip born 1835. Grandfather Owen Coogan joined the British Army at Crinkle, Kings County, Ireland. Grandfather seen action in India. Married in 1897 at Birr, County Offaly, a son named Philip was born 1898. 1913 new neighbours had arrived at Cadamstown, named the Pearson family. Uncle Philip had become friends with their daughter Matilda. Grandfather Owen his wife Bridget and 9 of the 11 children, were held at gunpoint while their family farm home was set on fire.

I had a year- long battle with TB, had a near-death experience and a dramatic vision of hell and heaven. I married. We were a happy family, had our own thriving motor business destroyed by a bomb in 1971, during the Northern troubles. I, my wife and children were threatened and told to get out of town. Read on and see who knew I would be at Rockview Motors petrol station, all on my own awaiting for a tanker full of petrol late on that evening of 7th December for the Christmas rush starting on 8/12/1971.

Grandfather’s 1921 flight North. Now in a mirror image had we to flee fifty years later form the assassins?

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