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Eucharist and the Living Earth

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Eucharist and the Living Earth

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Climate change and its consequences are widely understood, yet we all stand by and pretend that none of it is our doing. What of the poor in society, who have no recourse when their homes are destroyed due to man made weather systems? What of our co-inhabitants, the creatures that live this earth along-side us as they are coerced into smaller living environments due to our rapid expansion, fuelled by corporate greed? Hugh O’Donnell in his book, Eucharist and the Living Earth, offers us hope through the healing power of communion.

This new and revised edition of Eucharist and the Living Earth, forms a connection between caring for the earth and celebrating the Eucharist. Through Eucharistic celebration Hugh O’Donnell aims to highlight our moral responsibilities to the earth, one another and God.

In an exploratory fashion O’Donnell places emphasis on the Eucharist as creating a cosmic dimension drawing us into communion not as a solitary individual but as a participant in the whole of creation.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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