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Eighty Not Out

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Eighty Not Out

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Precocious, forthright and a defiant individualist, Elizabeth McCullough was born in Derry in 1928 just as her parents were agreeing a less than amicable separation. Even as a small child she rebelled against the conventions of middle-class society and was never afraid to voice her opinions, leading her headmistress to label her a ‘bad mixer’.

After her disastrous first marriage to a German refugee twenty years her senior ended, she sailed to Africa in 1960 to join the man who would become her second husband. Undaunted by the challenges she faced there, she went on to raise three children in Ghana and then Tanzania, and enjoyed a happy family life until a protracted battle with alcohol addiction threatened to destroy everything.

Brilliantly written and searingly honest, Eighty Not Out is the compelling memoir of an unconventional woman and an unconventional life.

Studio(s): Blackstaff Press Ltd

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