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Drive a Bargain

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Drive a Bargain

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DRIVE A BARGAIN will show you how to save money when changing your car.

It will help you sell your current car for more, and buy your next car for less.

It will show you how to lower your total cost of car ownership significantly.

If you had been considering buying a car in the UK, this book will provide all the information and tips you need.

It sums up everything James O'Donovan has learned over four years when he changed his car seven times as research for this book.

He has managed to reduce his total cost of car ownership to just €300 per year (excluding fuel, tax and insurance).

Whether you plan to spend €1,000 or €50,000 on your next car, you cannot afford not to buy this ebook.

"A practical and concise guide to getting the best value when buying and selling a car. Packed with tips and independent advice, it demonstrates how to slash the cost of staying on the road. James O'Donovan knows the tricks of the trade, having bought and sold seven cars in the past four years."

Niall Brady, Money Editor, The Sunday Times

"I had not considered buying a car in the UK previously. However I found the process very straight forward having read DRIVE A BARGAIN. I also sold my old Saab quicker than expected using the tips in this Ebook. Considering how much I saved on my 2012 Volvo V60, I would have paid €100 for DRIVE A BARGAIN, which is amazing value at less than €10."

Arthur, Dublin 9.

"Buying DRIVE A BARGAIN has saved me €800 by helping me sell my 2000 VW Polo privately and buying a 2007 Honda Civic from a main Honda dealer in a straight sale price. It's the best €10 I've spent in a long time!"

Eileen, Dublin 4

"The tips in DRIVE A BARGAIN were very helpful, and helped me get a better price on my C-Max, but I did not have the time to look around for a new car.  James saved us a lot of time, and picked a make, model and specification that is perfect for our...

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