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Do Fish Wear Pyjamas?

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Do Fish Wear Pyjamas?

Size: 2.98 MB
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This Book was written to be read!

Bebob and Gooey have come to the ancient town of Kildare in search of ‘The Great Book of Kildare’ to unlock certain secrets of the Universe. A casual encounter becomes a death-defying race against time as the two alien friends team up with Gonzo and Bridin on the adventure of a lifetime through the ancient abbeys and secret tunnels of Kildare to St. Brigid’s Cathedral and Round Tower.

Their quest becomes a deadly battle to save the world from the long-dead Viking Lord and his dark army.

Funny, sad, mysterious, dark, thrilling, scary - a rollercoaster of emotions; that edge-of-the-seat feeling that leaves you wanting more!

Studio(s): Original Writing

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