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Dirty Dancin in le Shebeen

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Dirty Dancin in le Shebeen
Year: 2012-11-09
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Nobady puts Maggie Muff in le corner - the sequel to Fifty Shades of Red White and Blue

Well. It all started when Big Sally-Ann announced what she wanted for her fortieth birthday. Nat satisfied wih le two-man tent I gat her for doggin up Black Mountain, she wanted til do le last dance from Dirty Dancin in le shebeen on her birthday night. Here’s me, whaaaaaa? Ya wanna hear le carry-on lat went on tryin til get it all organised. Big Igor went missin, Big Billy Scriven gat his oats, I met a wee lawd called Jake-Le-Peg an Wee Sinead was buckin all round her – shameless!

We’re talkin fake passports, front wedgies an a Zumba class lat I’ll never forget. Oh Mammy,

don’t start me!

Nie, get a wee feg lit an a cuppa tea (or a pint a Buckey) an I’ll tell ya all about it!

Maggie Muff xx

Year: 2012-11-09
Studio(s): Blackstaff Press Ltd

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