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Dead Hairy: A Abbie Hartley Adventure

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Dead Hairy: A Abbie Hartley Adventure

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When Squashy Grandma's teeth get stuck in the vacuum cleaner, Abbie calls the Very Odd Job Man. Matt Platt and his Even Odder daughter Perdita invite Abbie to the Hair Museum, where history has hairstyles and fish have beards. Drawn into a hair-raising hunt for Perdita's mum Coriander, Abbie befriends Fernando, the heartbroken shrunken head of a Spanish conquistador, and Chester, a helpful patch of chest hair. But waddling in the shadows is a fiendish foe: the white-suited, lemon-haired Dr Hubris Klench. Abbie discovers that finding Coriander is one thing but saving the world from Klench's 'eefil doinks' quite another. And who are those hairy hobos holed up with Coriander?

With kidnaps, kooks and creepy crooks, Dead Hairy is a crazy caper of laughter, love and lice crispies. This quirky tale, full of screwballs and pitfalls, will tickle children, parents and squashy grandmas alike.

'From the first paragraph to the last, this is a laugh-aloud read for any age, with compelling plot and well-rounded characters.' - Inis Magazine

'A brilliant, original book.' -The Irish Examiner

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