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Danny Dempsey And The Unlikely Alliance

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Danny Dempsey And The Unlikely Alliance

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When the governor of the Central Bank and his young granddaughter are captured by the arch criminal, Myles Moran, and held for a huge ransom, Danny Dempsey is called upon by Superintendent Clifford for assistance in tracking down the gang and rescuing the hostages. With the help of Danny’s animal friends, his transforming alligator, Charlie, rookie Garda Harrington and henpecked Mr. Pearson, the dangerous mission is on. Will it be successful before the deadline set by the kidnappers runs out? Or will Moran carry out his threat to shoot the hostages if his demands are not met in time? And how will the team discover the location of the ingeniously camouflaged hideout where the hostages are being held? What will happen when they encounter Teddy Tattoo, Moran’s giant slave, whose supernatural powers defy all the laws of gravity and nature? Can Danny’s own special abilities save the day? It’s touch and go right to the end.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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