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Dan/Ozzy versus De Lack

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Dan/Ozzy versus De Lack
Year: 2012-11-08
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Jacques De Lack, ambitious EU Transport Commissioner, finally gets permission to build a new transit airport to cater for the gigantic X719 super passenger jets that carry 1,200 passengers. Where? On a site beside Rath Pallas, the home of the Little People (Leprechauns) near the town of Conna in Connemara. Dan/Ozzy and his people are not best pleased and with the help of a prominent local TD (Ulick Joyc Solicitor) and others set out to defend their right to be left in peace. A hilarious struggle follows.

This story was first published as story one in “The Rape of the Rath & The West’s Awake.” The West’s Awake will shortly be published as an ebook.

Year: 2012-11-08
Studio(s): Original Writing

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