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Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour

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Wide-ranging and topical textbook on the rapidly changing field of consumer behaviour in the digital age, with reference to the Irish perspective: introduces a concise yet comprehensive exploration of the key aspects of consumer behaviour, including consumer motivation, attitudes, decision-making processes, and behaviour and communication; details the impact of the global economy in terms of choice and product availability on consumer decisions and behaviour; presents contextual evidence to highlight how changes in social, cultural and economic circumstances determine trends and directions in consumer behaviour, including the impact of the internet; and discusses consumer behaviour in the context of personality, lifestyles and psychographics, and the different influences of culture, subculture, social class, family, sexual orientation and technology. 'Consumer Behaviour' is written to support a structured learning approach, with clear learning objectives and revision questions for each chapter. Case studies, examples and scenarios illustrate learning points throughout the text. Recommended for students studying consumer behaviour at diploma or degree level.

Studio(s): Gill & Macmillan

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