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Conna in Crisis & The Marriage of Ulick

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Conna in Crisis & The Marriage of Ulick

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Two new comedy fantasy stories featuring Dandaboy and his alter ego, Ozzy.

Conna in Crisis

The good people of Connemara are curious and intrigued by the arrival of a most unusual order of nuns! They are not best pleased by the arrival of a pilot team from the USE (United States of Europe) given the task of replacing the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) by a fixed weekly payment to farmers. But it doesn’t work out quite like that.

The Marriage of Ulick

With no hope of victory, Ulick is defending the good people of Achill, in an action brought by an unscrupulous oil magnate – in the Supreme Court in Galway. An American secret rocket crashes in Connemara and brings an assortment of interesting characters to the area. As Conna’s most eligible bachelor, Ulick may have to get married. Setanta, his beautiful Irish Wolfhound, seeks Dandaboy’s help; he knows he’ll be evicted from his comfortable home when this unwished for event takes place!

Studio(s): Original Writing

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