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Come Follow Me: Jesus and the Church Today

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Come Follow Me: Jesus and the Church Today

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At a time when the Church throughout the world – and especially in Ireland – finds itself under question and criticism from a wide range of sources – this work demands that the Church – if it is to be faithful to the teachings and example of Jesus – must reflect on the original message of Jesus and live out the radical discipleship of that message conscious of the difficulties and hopeful in the changes this will bring.

Placing theology in the context of real social experience – and drawing particularly on the author’s experiences working with HIV/AIDS victims and others oppressed by poverty and injustice in the slums and villages of Zambia – Aidan Donaldson brings passion and life to Gospel passages that have been stripped of their core meaning and significance. In so doing, the author presents the reader with a completely different vision of Jesus than the accepted meek and mild version.

The author portrays Jesus as one who deliberately and uncompromisingly embraced the marginalised and, in so doing, became marginalised himself and suffered the fate of all who follow this path – that of being crushed between the Palace and the Temple.

Donaldson argues that the true person and message of Jesus have been compromised and rendered ‘safe’ in order that a clericalised version of Church that allows for accommodation with the power structures of the world is maintained.

He concludes that in order to be faithful to the Jesus who came to liberate humanity and proclaim the Kingdom of God, the Church must give up power and embrace the margins. For those who favour a ‘safe’ form of Christianity, this book will make uncomfortable reading. Those who are prepared to be challenged and ‘their peace disturbed’ will not fail to be moved by this work.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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