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Chamly's Quest

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Chamly's Quest
Year: 2010-10-11
Size: 3.7 MB
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The story is set in present-day China as the world faces increasing anarchy and war due to climate change and greed. It revolves around a boy called Chamly who after a tragic accident wakes to find himself an unlikely hero who has been chosen to save the world from evil. Even worse, he’s been nominated a whingeing donkey, a smart arse owl and a thieving, alcoholic monkey to help do the job!

Turns out this evil’s not a thought or an idea but a bloated, shape changing she demon with really bad breath. Unfortunately even those with bad breath have friends and all want to see Chamly dead.

In the bleak and inhospitable borders of northwest China, lightening etched the night sky. Above the Ta’anchi Mountains, electrical discharges crackled and forked their way through the billowing storm clouds that rolled across the snow-capped mountains below. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening pierced the earth. Echoing through the explosion of thunder that accompanied it was the high-pitched scream of a baby.

Year: 2010-10-11
Studio(s): Original Writing

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