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Brian D'Arcy's Food for the Soul

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Brian D'Arcy's Food for the Soul

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Brian D’Arcy is one of Ireland's best known and most admired priests. Through his weekly columns in the Sunday World he communicates with more people every Sunday than any cleric in the country. His straight talking style hasn’t always made him friends, and as is now well known, the CDF, the Vatican watchdog, have made serious efforts to silence this great communicator.

Through great personal trauma Brian D’Arcy has stood true to his faith and belief in the power of God to help us all in all sorts of ways, and his columns, despite the best efforts of some faceless and nameless opponents in Ireland, continue to be published.

But that’s not the only way Brian D’Arcy communicates with people. Every Sunday, just like every other priest in the country, Brian delivers a sermon on the readings and the Gospel and tries to connect the messages of the Bible to the lives and concerns of the ordinary people of Ireland at this very difficult time for many.

Food for the Soul is a collection of the best of Brian D’Arcy’s sermons and columns over the past three years. In them you will find succor and support, insight and imagination, always delivered with a light touch and an understanding of the real needs of the people of God.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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