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Book of Mack 1: Beyond the Dark

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Book of Mack 1: Beyond the Dark

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The monks of disorder are 23 brothers, who were giving power by God to keep evil away from this world, until it was time for Jesus to die. After the death of Jesus the monks fight and some of them die against demons. The youngest monk Namara after a demon confuses him he leaves to find himself, and in doing this he sins quite a lot also he impregnates a prostitute. The baby that comes forth becomes the most powerful force, behind God of course. this baby is called Mack

On the evil side is John O’Hare. John has a dream of a blank book, and in this dream he is told this book will give him power greater then Satan’s and Gods power. John becomes a drug dealer and then he gets into black magic. Once he finds this blank book John goes through changes and becomes Apocalypse. In turn Apocalypse takes nine of the most evilest humans to become the leaders of his army. Before Apocalypse can become stronger then God he must join with himself from the future, this is made possible for it was the future Apocalypse who sent John the dreams.

Apocalypse devises a plan to become Macks father while Mack is still a baby, this is so he can takes Macks power. As time goes by Mack becomes the high king of Apocalypses army, and with this God sends Mack a dream of dreams. Apocalypse is not happy and sends Mack away to where not even Apocalypse knows.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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