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Beyond The Sea

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Beyond The Sea

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These memoirs record the life of a Cobh, Co. Cork boy born in 1927 from infancy to adulthood in the millennium. Amongst the happy memories are the games and tricks played on each other and his schooling from the convent years to secondary college in Cobh. It is an honest reflection of the heartbreaks and happiness of pre war and during World War ll. Road tarring and the introduction of electricity into houses are 2 such memories. The regular appearance of Liners accompanied by tears and weeping of Emigrants to America and their families left behind. The might of the British Armed Forces with their naval ships anchored in the Harbour. Flags adorned these ships on August 15th of each year in honour of the local regatta. The navy also set off fireworks. Wartime rationing was enforced. He Qualified as a Marine Radio Officer in 1945. He headed off to London in 1946 to unsuccessfully join the Metropolitan Police. The challenge of manufacturing military electronics was his first job. 10 years of Sea life, on 14 ships, covering 50 countries and islands followed with all its wonderful and hazardous aspects which included Sexual temptations, Fights, and Collisions and the mental torment of the Jesuits and Redemptorists. There are amusing episodes of his ventures at being Medico onboard. He refused to sign on as British and defended strongly his right to be Irish. The love of a wonderful woman who became a mother of their 4 lovely children is the highlight of his life, and for her he returned to work ashore in 1960. He continued working in electronics in England before returning to Ireland. The death of his darling wife was the main reason that he started writing this book. He is now living in Malahide, Co. Dublin.

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