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Arks Within Grail Lands: Rosslyn Chapel and Glastonbury's Energetic Links Explained

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Arks Within Grail Lands: Rosslyn Chapel and Glastonbury's Energetic Links Explained

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Written by Jackie Queally the original spiritual tour guide to Rosslyn Chapel in 1999, she has organised the once secret spiritual science held by Templar and Masonic inner core groups into an excellent summary. The importance of understanding their work right now is that they anticipated the surge in evolutionary consciousness of our times, when this universe moves into a new Continuum of a higher frequency. They purposefully updated temples and earth grids seven hundred years ago and move to assist this current phase of transition. The New Ark, organised by agencies that are Metatronic (of the full light spectrum) is at the core of this vast advanced spiritual science only recently rediscovered by light workers.

Jackie's insights into this little-known but significant meta-science together with her own experiences make for an easy accessible read that will be a valuable aid for any "grid worker" today. The book covers many of the major earth grids in the UK and Europe with particular reference to the areas reference to the areas around Glastonbury in England and Rosslyn in Scotland.

The book combines clearly explained technical information on pan-European earth grids and their spiritual functions with Jackie's own entertaining and fascinating accounts of working with these "Reshel" earth grids as discovered by William Buehler.

There are excellent diagrams through out including analysis of some crop patterns that align well with this knowledge.

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