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Anna Bean and the Amazon Faeries

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Anna Bean and the Amazon Faeries

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Faeries have lived in the Amazon Rainforest for thousands of years, undiscovered by outsiders, but they now risk extinction, just like the forest animals. The Silverwood and Redwood Clans are captured by poachers and smuggled to Ireland. As Ireland and the rest of the world recover from the shock of this amazing discovery, Dublin Toy Factory owner Michael Mooney prepares the unfortunate faeries for sale. The Real Life Faerie Dolls and Fashion Accessories are sold in his wife’s elite shop, Elfwear, cruelly separating them from their families and friends.

Twelve year old nature lover, Anna Bean, is outraged when her best friend Martha receives a birthday gift of ‘faerie earrings’ from her rich, doting Aunt Bridget. After hearing Fern and Pollen’s heartbreaking story, Anna persuades Martha to set them free. The girls vow to reunite the young faeries with their missing families, and dedicate their school summer holidays to Anna’s crazy, daring and sometimes downright dangerous rescue plans!

Studio(s): Original Writing

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