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Writing4all - The Best of 2011

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Writing4all - The Best of 2011
Year: 2012-10-18
Size: 2.7 MB
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Capital punishment, hitchhiking, learning the craft of writing, being young, being old, communism, road accidents, rubber testicles, longing, thinking, loving, lying, cheating, crying, loneliness, depression, childbirth, hate, family, school, poison, the future, death, life, study, women and men, violence, fear, reading, writing, re-writing, drugs, memory, nature, letters, dreams, voices, and the things we can't forget, the things that need to be written down.

This anthology contains all this and, naturally, a lot, lot more. Featuring the winners of the monthly writing competitions on, this collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry captures the passions, fears and hopes that permeate all our lives. It is also a testament to the great writing that’s being created by emerging authors of all nationalities, backgrounds, and ages...

Year: 2012-10-18
Studio(s): Original Writing

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