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All To Play For

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
All To Play For

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The Scene: The scenic Killeen golf course in Killarney, Ireland.

The Prize: The Ryder Cup, the most prestigious prize in team golf.

The Players: The top golfers of the United States and Europe battling over three days of a nerve-tingling tension filled clash.

The Love Story: Local farm housewife Katie Gartland, locked into a loveless marriage, caught up in a passionate affair with English artist Jeremy Walker while her husband continues his Ryder Cup protest in jail.

ALL TO PLAY FOR recounts how, before a ball is struck in the Ryder Cup, outspoken American captain Wayne Folen raises hackles all around with his win-at-all-cost attitude. He has left his wife for blonde Hollywood wannabe Angie Wilde and is engaged in a verbal battle with his rival, European captain Bruce Cartray.

Meanwhile, a breakaway group of Irish farmers, outraged at prime farm land being sold locally for a luxury golf complex, stage a Ryder cup protest. Two days before the event is due to tee-off the farmers kidnap America’s top golfer Joey O’Hara, son of U.S. Senator John O’Hara. It sparks off a hair-raising car chase around Killarney’s famed Black Valley mountain with fatal consequences…

On another level, local farm wife Katie Gartland is making her own headlines due to her passionate affair with English artist Jeremy Walker. Jeremy offers a new life abroad, but can Katie afford to ignore that phone call from England…?

When the Ryder Cup tees-off there are plenty of shocks over the first two days for Wayn Folen and his American team. When the U.S. President flies in for the final day’s play the Americans stage a dramatic fight-back. An inspiring incident on the 18th green in the final game involving America’s captain and Irish golfer Davy Cochran affirms that in golf there is only one winner – the great game itself!

ALL TO PLAY FOR is a fast-paced story of people caught up in a vortex of love, hate, ambition, passion and bet...

Studio(s): Original Writing

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