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8.5 Hours

 in Category:  "Irish Movies"
8.5 Hours

Run Time: 107 minutes
Size: 1.5 GB
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One Day in Work - Four Lives In Trouble "8.5 Hours" is a provocative drama about one extraordinary day in the lives of four Dublin office workers during the final stages of Ireland's boom years. A controversial mix of serious drama and some very black comedy, the film depicts the private lives of four characters in a software company spiralling out of control during one Monday at work. Sexually charged, dark and relentlessly surprising, the narrative twists and turns until all four characters' stories culminate in a series of haunting and poignant climaxes. Described by Irish Connections magazine as "the best Irish film in years", the drama is a cutting commentary on the extremes of Ireland's Celtic Tiger period. The film won a total of five awards at film festivals in Ireland and England. On its cinema release in Ireland, it seriously divided critics but was popular with Irish audiences and went on to become a cult hit on DVD in Ireland. Now also available on DVD in North America through Breaking Glass Pictures.

Actor(s): Lynette Callaghan (Rachel), Victor Burke (Eoin), Art Kearns (Frank), Geraldine Plunkett (Maggie), Tom O'Sullivan (Martin), Jonathan Byrne (Tony)

Genre(s): Drama
Director(s): Brian Lally

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