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All For Grace

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All For Grace

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In a book like no other, All for Grace is an entirely new perspective on spirituality. A light-hearted, fictional journey through birth, death and rebirth – it is easily digested through subtle, Irish humorous tones.

Set in twentieth century, Ireland, the story told is the life and afterlife of countryman, Gerry Daly; his choices, his decisions, his intense love-affair and a marriage that eventually propelled his demise. In an unique and compelling manner, his story is narrated two centuries later – from the womb – by an unborn child who is travelling to birth with a playful twin brother; and with this fresh perspective and through several plotline twists, the twins unravel the connections between the past, present and the future.

Ground-breaking in both content and format. Uplifting - a page-turning novel of love and hope written with humour, suspense, fun, intrigue and adventure. Uniquely, it combines the ordinary with the extraordinary, the physical and the spiritual worlds, and the serious with the funny. One of a kind, this is the first time a book like that has been successfully achieved.

Full of fantasy and metaphor, the reader takes a modern-day journey into the dream world. It is designed to encourage readers' curiosity and ask questions opposed to answer them.

And in a celebration of emotions – from joy to grief and tears to laughter - the reader is left with an uplifted feeling of renewal as the story demonstrates how we are the captains of our fate.

All for Grace reached the top 250 international books in the US operated competition to find the Next Top Author; it is the only entry from the Irish Republic to reach this stage of the competition.

"All for Grace is a remarkable first novel, containing some wonderful characterisations, an innovative multi-layered structure and an imaginative and thought-provoking storyline. Here's hoping for more from this refreshing new author." - Colm Keane, Author of...

Studio(s): Original Writing

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