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Alcoholism to Recovery: I'll Stop Tomorrow

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Alcoholism to Recovery: I'll Stop Tomorrow

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Paul Campbell was one of Dublin's most dynamic and successful businessmen. He had a loving family and lived in a beautiful home. Yet in only three months he lost it all. He found himself living alone in a bedsit. He had lost his family, his business, his home and had nothing to look forward to in life. Why? Because he was an alcoholic and alcohol had taken control of his life.

This is the story of his remarkable recovery from illness and despair to the joy of getting and staying sober.

Through practical suggestions, this book provides alcoholics, their families and friends a step-by-step guide to recognising and accepting their illness and embarking on the road to recovery.

I'll Stop Tomorrow will be invaluable to recovering alcoholics, the families of alcoholics and to anyone with an alcohol problem. But perhaps the most important message to be learned from this book is that ˜there is no such thing as a hopeless case'.

'brilliantly illuminating' - Sunday Tribune

'the journey to freedom could start with this book' - Evening Echo

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