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Ailfí agus an Vaimpír

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Ailfí agus an Vaimpír

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NOTE: This book is in the Irish language only - there is no English language translation in the publication. Is there a vampire ‘living’ at the bottom of your garden? Marius is a very special vampire who lives in the garden of a young boy named Ailfí. Marius, you see, prefers fig rolls and cake to blood and flesh. When all the everyday troubles of life - such as ulta-violet lights and cloves of garlic - threaten this poor undead creature, it’s no wonder he becomes cranky when every doesn’t work out just as he’d planned!

For young adults (10-13) and young adults of every age! This book was shortlisted for Gradam Réics Carló 2012 - Children’s Book of the Year.

Studio(s): Cois Life

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