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Accelerating Company Growth

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Accelerating Company Growth

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All Author proceeds will be donated to the charity.

The cover image of a racing yacht in full sail, capturing the power of the wind and crashing through waves, as it accelerates through the ocean, is the best representation of what it is like to accelerate company growth. To go this fast, you need to have a great team who know what they are doing and who work in perfect harmony, under the leadership of a great captain, who makes the right decisions on what direction to go and the sails to use for the wind conditions, currents, waves and all the other elements that are thrown at you by the unpredictable environment. When you get everything right, the excitement and adrenalin rush that comes from the acceleration, as you ride and crash through waves under your own power, is invigorating – just like accelerating the growth of your company.

Throughout ACCELERATING COMPANY GROWTH, Brendan Dowling shares practical advice and stories, based on his own experience, which will help you to accelerate the growth of your business.

Section 1 covers the pre-requisites for accelerating company growth: motivation, leadership, vision and strategy.

Section 2 covers the key areas that drive company growth, giving you advice and tips from my own experience: your elevator pitch; value proposition; market; the customer’s problem and your solution; marketing; sales; business model; competitors; team/people; finances; and operations. At the end of each of these chapters, Brendan shows how to complete a slide for your Accelerated Growth Plan that covers all the points critical to having a document that forms the blueprint for your company’s growth.

Finally Section 3 looks at other topics that are important contributors to accelerated company growth: how to use your board of directors; working with venture capital funding; selling your company; and business ethics.

Appendix 1 includes a slide deck template that you can...

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