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A Short Guide to Divorce Law in Ireland

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A Short Guide to Divorce Law in Ireland
Year: 2014
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This is handbook on what to expect when your relationship with your partner breaks down. It will act as a signpost to the reader through this devastating time. It contains accessible legal information on separation, divorce, civil partnership, cohabitation, mediation and collaborative practice and the general view of the Courts on these matters.

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. In times of crisis it is important for people to develop an awareness of the strong emotions driving their behaviour. This book is intended to support the reader in understanding the powerful forces at play in the family when the relationship breaks down and thereby supporting the family to make better healthier decisions for themselves. It informs the reader of the applicable law and encourages and empowers the reader to make good decisions in choosing their legal representation and support.


Breakdown of a relationship or marriage -the bereavement process

Your needs -where to live; your family home and the law

The children - how do you tell the children about the separation?

Choosing your lawyer - who do you want as your family lawyer? (‘family’ is the important word)

Family-focused options - do you want to go to court?

Urgent court applications

Court applications if agreement cannot be reached

A new girlfriend/boyfriend -where do I stand now?

My child is in trouble

Formalising separation/divorce - what do I need to do in terms of the law?

Going forwards – building a new life

Blended families – here to stay

Year: 2014
Studio(s): Cork University Press

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