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A Right Brain Mind in a Left Brain World

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
A Right Brain Mind in a Left Brain World

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Jean Long is a long time scribbler of Children's Fiction, Fantasy Stories, Poetry, Prose's and Music Lyrics. For a long time Jean's work has been hidden in old copy books and computer files, all gathering dust.

Mostly out of embarrassment that comes with Dyslexia; and courage was a long time coming. But as it is with age you lose your fears and learn to adapt. This book has been published without a professional proof read or editing. This is because Jean would like the dyslexic readers of this book to see what it is possible to achieve. And also in the hope that those who maybe not understand the difficulty people with such disabilities have, may come to learn that we are not just lazy with our work and that this is how our brain actually works.

For Jean this Book is a triumph, the first of many and one she hopes you will very much enjoy.

You can find more information on Jean at her web page were you can leave her a message, ask a question or just leave a comment on her work...

Studio(s): Original Writing

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