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A Lot Can Happen In A Year And A Half

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A Lot Can Happen In A Year And A Half

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Conor was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of liver cancer in April 2009 when he was just five years of age. He required high risk chemotherapy treatment in Dublin’s Crumlin Children’s Hospital, which his little body was barely able to cope with, and a very high priority liver transplant in London. This followed a dramatic early morning Irish Air Corps air ambulance mission. Thankfully 18 months on Conor has made a good recovery and is back in school where he rightfully belongs. So far so good.

This book, written by Conor’s parents under his name, is centered on Conor’s brave battle with childhood cancer and the very punishing treatment that he underwent. This started out as a very private diary to reflect their ups and downs and the very many anxious moments waiting for test results. The final version of the book however reflects the turmoil in family life, as a result of Conor’s illness, as well as the wider turmoil in Ireland now that it is in a deep recession thanks in no small measure to bankers, developers and politicians who clearly lost the plot. The book is their version of reeling in the years for 2009 and 2010 while keeping Conor as the central character.

There are three basis objectives of the book: -

To give hope to those who may have a young family member inflicted with a life threatening disease,

To highlight the vital need for organ donation, and

To raise much needed funds for St. John’s children’s cancer ward in Crumlin and the Children’s Medical & Research Foundation.

Amazingly research is one of the most difficult areas to raise money for. However, without it Conor and many more children like him around the world simply would not be alive today. Childhood cancer survival rates have increased from 10% in 1970 to about 75% today thanks to research. Regretfully the survival rates for certain types of cancer are still alarmingly low. They are death sentences with little chance of repr...

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