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A Jackdaw Sings

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
A Jackdaw Sings

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‘A Jackdaw Sings…’, a Limited Edition Poetry Collection by Jim O’Leary, has just been published. The book is beautifully bound and presented in hardback. The dust-jacket is a reproduction of a painting, ‘To the Beach’, by the Author. Each copy is Numbered, Certified and Signed. Already, it is being seen as a collector’s item and will make a memorable gift for people of all ages.

The contents are set out in four sections with a wide variety of subjects drawn from the Author’s life experiences. The book is sprinkled throughout with topics such as love and longing, old age, suicide, homelessness and the dark places to which the human mind sometimes resorts. There are some funny pieces too. This is a great read for all ages though some bits may not be suitable for children.

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