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A History of the Medieval Diocese of Cloyne

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A History of the Medieval Diocese of Cloyne

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A History of the Medieval Diocese of Cloyne is written both for the general reader and the specialist. This intriguing historic study first deals with some elements of the early ecclesiastical history of the diocese of Cloyne, then gives an account of the shadowy story of the birth of the ‘reformed’ diocese of Cloyne, before delving into the history of the diocese down to the time of the Counter-Reformation.

Following the traditional method of such diocesan histories, the reign of each succeeding bishop is discussed and placed within its historical context, while a single chapter seeks to deal with the late-medieval monastic life of the diocese. An innovative feature of the present study is a chapter on the establishment of the parish system and deaneries of the diocese.

An important element of the book is an appendix where core material for parish history is given under the headings of the 133 medieval parishes found in the diocese. Each entry details place name, earliest record, dedication, physical location, appropriation and impropriation, and finally location within the modern Catholic parish system. The book ends at the start of the seventeenth century.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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