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50 Dáil Debates that Shaped the Nation

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50 Dáil Debates that Shaped the Nation

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From the debates of the 1950s that were strikingly similar to what we face today -- struggles against bankruptcy, emigration and abuse of power by the State -- through the wars in the 70s and 80s over divorce and abortion, to the Jacobean dramas surrounding the fall of Haughey in the 1990s, this essential book finally traces the fall of the first Republic via the tragic-comic dénouement of the Cowen era and the first breaths of hope provided by a new administration.

John Drennan's Standing by the Republic captures the fascinating story of Ireland's evolution in the seven decades since the end of the war and encapsulates the culture that shaped these moments of national drama.

Studio(s): Gill & Macmillan

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